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July 25, 2014

County Council, July 24
County moves to streamline job classifications and pay plans
Decision deferred on Council member pay increases
Warwick Jones

It was an anticlimax. The Finance Committee decided to defer discussion and a vote on boosting Council members’ pay by nearly 50%. Council member Rawl noted that Council member Darby was overseas and considering the importance of the issue, a vote should wait until his return, he said. The Committee agreed. However, there was no hesitation or reluctance to approve the other recommendations of the Committee for Auditing Performance and Evaluation Standards (CAPES). These recommendations related to a complete revision of job classifications, the pay system, and the introduction of merit awards for County employees.

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July 16, 2014

City Council, July 15
New site for African American Museum
Building height limit to be raised in High Tech overlay
Marc Knapp

As expected, the Council approved the agreement to acquire the properties between The Maritime Center and Dockside Condominiums to host the proposed African American Museum. The agreement was first approved by the Real Estate Committee on Monday.

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June 18, 2014

City Council, June 17
Neck and Horizon TIF Districts extended 10 years
Opposition to ordinance limiting bar and restaurant openings
Marc Knapp

Summer is here and City Council meetings are now only once a month for the next 3 months. Yesterday’s meeting was held at the Grace on the Ashley Baptist Church, on Bees Ferry Road. So little of note occurred at the meeting, it was hardly worth facing the traffic getting there.

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June 13, 2014

County Council, June 12
Referendum on bond issue to finance library expansion
Move to add 70 acres to Bees Ferry landfill operation
Warwick Jones

The Board of Trustees for the County Library (CCBOT) made its pitch before the Finance Committee last night to allow a referendum on a bond issue. The issue would raise up to $108.5 million and the funds, in the main, used to build 2 new branches, replace 3 existing branches, and renovate the remaining 13. The Committee approved the referendum, to be held in November, with only Council member Qualey opposed.

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May 28, 2014

City Council, May 27
Restricted opening times for new bars and restaurants on King and Market Streets
Proposed ordinance unlikely to be final
Warwick Jones

We appreciated the intention of Mayor Riley and Police Chief Mullen. The night scene on Upper King Street and Market Street has reached a “tipping point”. And this view was reinforced by the recent homicide during a drunken brawl, they said. But was the Entertainment District Overlay Zone which they proposed for much of King and Market Streets the answer? The Overlay Zone would allow existing bars and restaurants to remain open until 2 a.m. But any new bar or restaurant would need to close at midnight.

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May 21, 2014

County Council, May 20
No tax increase for major funds in FY2015 budget
Amendments made to proposed Folly Road overlay
Warwick Jones

There was little contention in last night’s discussion over the FY 2015 budget. Staff gave a presentation, and although a lengthy discussion followed, there was no heat. Of course there may be in the next Council session. Council member Darby suggested that the 1.8% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) be modified – that staff earning over $100,000 a year receive 1% and those earning less, 2%. He subsequently suggested a further modification which we think was a 1.5% rate for those between $100,000 and $50,000. Discussion on the proposal will wait until the staff estimates the cost to the County.

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May 16, 2014

County Council, May 15
Country to lease Naval Hospital for social services hub
Courtenay Drive property to be sold to MUSC for Children’s Hospital
Warwick Jones

The sale of the County’s property on Courtenay Drive and abutting MUSC had been considered for some years. A number of agencies occupy the buildings. To construct another building to house the agencies and others to which they were allied, would have cost an estimated $34 million. This was more than the County could afford. But the sale, and the solution to better locating the agencies, became possible when the County was offered a lease over space in the old Naval Hospital.

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May 14, 2014

City Council, May 13
Presentations, Recognitions and long invocations
Consent for Port Access road
Marc Knapp

But for presentations and recognitions, and the lengthy invocation by Council member Riegel, last night’s meeting would have been short. There was little of substance on the agendas of the Council or Ways and Means.

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May 02, 2014

County Council, May 1
Novel approach to trash collection in busy areas

Warwick Jones

It was another lean agenda for the Finance Committee. And predictably, it was a short meeting, at least that part before the executive session.

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April 23, 2014

County Council, April 22
No change in proposals for Maybank Highway and Folly/Camp Road
Council member Johnson seeks amendments to Folly Road overlay
Warwick Jones

If attendees thought something was going to change in relation to the Maybank Highway development, they could have stayed home last night. Nothing changed, at least not to the nature of the project. But Council took a very long time deliberating and discussions took a surprising but temporary turn.

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City Council, April 22
Dorchester County says “thanks”
Slow moving unregulated vehicles banned on the Peninsula
Marc Knapp

It was another meeting with a light agenda. The Ways and Means, and City Council meetings combined took little more than an hour. And probably about half this time was devoted to presentations and recognitions.

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April 18, 2014

County Council April 17
Move to divert Federal funding to Folly/Camp Road intersection
Need for CHATS approval
Warwick Jones

There was only one item on the agenda for yesterday’s Finance Committee meeting. It was titled Maybank Highway Improvements Project. But it was much more than that. It was tied to the completion of the Folly/Camp Roads intersection improvements. After reading staff’s comments, we thought the issue was pretty simple. We still think it was, but in the minds of some Council members, it clearly wasn’t.

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April 09, 2014

City Council, April 8
Owner seeks City funds for apartment redevelopment
City to support McClellanville's efforts to fund dredging of ICW
Marc Knapp

The most interesting item on last night’s agenda was not discussed. It was there for “informational purposes only”. Presumably it will come up for a vote at a future meeting and we expect, and hope. there will be a lot of questions.

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April 04, 2014

County Council, April 3
Folly Road Overlay moves ahead
Some changes in Roadwise plan for Maybank Highway
Warwick Jones

The agendas for yesterday’s meetings were light. But issues over the Folly Road Overlay, and a presentation on Roadwise made for a lengthy evening.

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March 26, 2014

City Council, March 25
Uneventful session
Skateboard restrictions on St Philip Street?
Marc Knapp

There was little of interest before City Council last night. There were a number of presentations and proclamations, and the Holocaust remembrance. These were followed by public hearings, largely related to rezonings, and nothing much else.

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March 21, 2014

County Council, March 20
County seeks to restore State funding levels
Issues continue over land purchase at Bees Ferry landfill
Warwick Jones

Finance Committee members were not happy after the staff presentation last night. The message conveyed by staff was that Columbia was stiffing the County, and every other County in the state, big dollars. For Charleston County, the blow is an estimated $3 2 million for this fiscal year. The accumulation since 2009 is an estimated $17.1 million.

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March 19, 2014

City Council, March 18
City adopts Skateboard ordinance
Updates ordinances for peddling etc., and Late Night Entertainment Establishments
Marc Knapp

As is usual around this time of year, Council met yesterday at the Providence Baptist Church on Daniel Island. The meeting was short, and thankfully considerably shorter than that at the close of last month. There were no public hearings, no speakers in Citizens Participation, and no controversial proposed ordinances. However, there were matters of substance on the agenda –amendments to the Skateboard Ordinance, to that governing peddling, panhandlers etc., and to the Late Night Entertainment Establishments Ordinance. All were passed unanimously with little discussion.

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March 07, 2014

County Council March 6
Unease about 2 a.m. bar closing ordinance
Progress on recycling efforts
Warwick Jones

Discussions and presentations took up most of last night’s Finance Committee meeting.

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February 26, 2014

City Council, February 25
Mayor Riley gets his way on bike lane
A resolution on shore power - palliative rather than substantive?
Marc Knapp

Mayor Riley is never happy being on the losing side of an issue, and who is? We suspect that he would be particularly unhappy if Council voted against the creation of a bike and pedestrian (b&p) lane across the T. Allen Legare Bridge. He has invested much time in the project and generated considerable excitement within the cycling community and amongst employees of the City hospitals. Rightly or wrongly, directly or indirectly, the City alerted the interested groups of the pending debate and their members showed up en masse last night to speak in favor of the b&p lane.

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February 21, 2014

County Council, February 21
Another “unqualified opinion” auditor’s report
FY2014 budget outlook good
Warwick Jones

It was smiles all round at last night’s Finance Committee meeting. The County was heaped with praise by its auditors who gave again an “unqualified” opinion on its accounts and funds; staff gave favorable reports on the 2013 budget and the outlook for the FY 2014 budget. The Committee also agreed unanimously to approve the Greenbelt Bank grant to assist the purchase of land abutting Angel Oak.

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