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What really is the intent of the City with new height restrictions?

The Editors

Why is the City fooling around with height and setback restrictions in the historic district. Could it be that the mayor is setting the stage for the development of Ansonborough Fields? We have tried to interpret the releases from the City Planning Department but their broader purpose defies us. Why is the height of a building on one side of Meeting Street allowed to be higher than on the other? And why are we lowering the height restriction is some areas and raising it in others?

There seems a lot of smoke arising from this business and no doubt comments before the Planning Board will be mixed with seemingly fragrant intentions. But let's not be fooled! One of the intentions is probably to allow the profitable development of Ansonborough Fields. Some 2000 people signed a petition to retain the Fields as a park but the mayor persists in his intention to develop the area. In the charette some 2 years or so ago, the city spoke of its plans. It ignored the comments of some attendees about the polluted nature of the Fields and the fact that they fall into the Flood zone defined by FEMA. These facts will raise building costs and make development under the previous planning regulations uneconomic most likely. So says the mayor, let's change the regulations and build taller buidlings!

So much for the Mayor's regard for the City. Citizens have every right to be cynical about his proposals