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What support for development of Ansonborough Field?

Warwick Jones

Despite what the mayor says and despite the assertion in a letter to the P&C, the city-sponsored charrette on Ansonborough Fields did not endorse the development the mayor proposes. From the beginning this was largely a proposal of the administration. I attended every meeting of the charrete including the conclusion and I failed to see or hear any overwhelming support for development of any variety. But the speakers from the city seemed intent on pressing for some form of development.

The will of the people in relation to the future of the Field was better expressed in the 2000 signatures on the petition seeking to make it a park. This petition was submitted to council and virtually ignored by the mayor, and challenged by one council member as racist.

With the mayor crying the need for more green space, I am at a loss to see why the mayor opposes the retention of Ansonborough Fields as a park. One can only suspect that its development is tied in some way to making the Aquarium and adjacent Parking Garage economically viable. But as the mayor now assures us that the Aquarium is viable, there must be another reason.

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