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Where are the black councilmen?

The Editors

There are 5 black members of City Council. Despite the disdain that the mayor shows to black issues, why do these councilors, with the exception of Councilman Campbell, vote with him on all issues? Take the issue of Ansonborough Fields. They support the development of the Fields proposed by the mayor, presumably because they think there will be substantial affordable housing included. But why does affordable housing need to be here when there is so much of East Side and the Neck areas that are crying for renovation and revitalisation. Ansonborough Fields has been greenspace for more than 10 years. It should be left as such. And the Councilmen should note that the children of the East Side lack playing fields. We haven't heard any of the councilmen suggest that Ansonborough Fields should be used to provide this amenity to a conspicuously deprived section of the community. They should!