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Board of Zoning Appeals - June 1,

Warwick Jones

A large new retail store for King Street probable
The board approved unanimously the demolition of the interior of the Garden Theatre on King Street. A number of the outlying buildings will be removed to create additional parking. The seating and some interior walls also will be removed to create 9345 sq feet of retail space on the first floor and 3000 sq feet on the second floor. No other details were released.

The Garden Theatre has been used infrequently and was sold to the present owners a few months ago for $1.65m. Clearly some major renovation is planned and the structure will remain one of the largest on King Street. It will be only a major retailer most likely that could utilize such a large space. But if the owners can attract one, the appeal of King Street as a retail area will be further enhanced. The Garden Theatre is almost opposite the Millennium Music Store and slightly south of the Francis Marion Hotel

Ansonborough residents oppose new restaurant
The Board unanimously rejected an application for variance relating to parking for a new restaurant planned on East Bay Street. The restaurant would have no off-street parking but City regulations require the provision of 6 spaces. The rejection means it will be impossible for the owners to proceed with their original plan to open a Chinese restaurant. The Board was probably swayed by the large number from the Ansonborough community who spoke against the application. They cited the parking problem that already exist in Ansonborough and how the opening would exacerbate the problem. They also cited possible safety and health hazards, as well as possible noise late at night. Some six residential properties share a boundary with the proposed restaurant and residents expressed the fear that the creation of a restaurant on the site would reduce property values.