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Support for restoring the original Urban Growth Boundary on Johns Island

Megan J. Terebus, Land Use Associate, South Carolina Coastal Conservation League PO Box 1765 Charleston

In respect to Mr Wise's report published today, it is important to remember that County Council twice voted in favor of restoring the original Urban Growth Boundary on Johns Island in response to Cindy Floyd's request. The application failed third reading because the fifth vote that Johns Islanders had counted on, AD Jordan, was absent from the meeting due to a family illness.

The five County Council members who voted in favor of restoring the Urban Growth Boundary are:
Leon Stavrinakis -- phone: 724-1060
Charlie Wallace -- phone: 884-3558
Curtis Bostic -- 571-2525
AD Jordan -- 723-3800 x4844
Carolyn Conlon -- 554-8729

These five members of Council need to be contacted and told that Johns Islanders appreciated their votes the first time around and we hope they will continue to vote in support of moving the Urban Growth Boundary back to Brownswood Road. We can count on their votes if we can convince them that a majority of the property owners in that area want the line moved back.

Call and show up at the public hearing on August 17th at 5 pm. County Council really wants to know what you think. Thanks.

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