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The vultures gather

Alfred F. Croucher III
469 Riverland Dr
James Island


The town of James Island has $3 million in the bank. I see the vultures landing to rip out their share. While our officials figure out how to approach the State Supreme court on reversing its decision, they gather. On the edge of the Town limits the bulldozers and constrution workers line up for the whistle to blow so their machinery can begin, again, the destruction of our rural peace. The line at the bank is growing longer as the committees and government agencies begin fighting over their share of the funds we've put away for the good of our island.

And there sits the Mayor of Charleston on his throne, excuse me, chair, smiling as he counts off the revenue he sees in his future. He'll pull the inhabitants into the city by hook or by crook, not for our benefit but for the monies he'll acquire to ease the debts weighing upon Charleston city proper - monies siphoned off for his pet projects without another real thought for the residents of James Island.

The only other thought in his mind is how he can do the same thing to Johns Island. And to Johns Island he will say, "Surrender you future, resistance is futile."

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I appreciate your comments. I look forward to any future comments. Is this the ALfred Croucher that is related to Derek Croucher of James Island High School class of '92. If so please tell him I said hello and wish him well. Charles "Roddy" Watts, Jr.

Posted by: Charles Watts at September 8, 2004 06:55 PM