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Urgent need for poll watchers

Roy A De Haven
Board of Elections and Voter Registration of Charleston County


Over my past 25 years of active involvement in local and national politics the steady drumbeat has always sounded for more people to be trained as poll managers and to actually serve as poll managers on election days.

2004 has many local elections leading up to the Presidential Election in which 200,000 Charleston County voters will be allowed to cast a ballot. However, the Board of Elections & Voter Registration is short hundreds of poll workers who are the key to making sure the election process is fair.

With the new single member County council districts the machine ballot will be very complicated. Lock in buttons on the rear of the machine must be checked and doubled checked before each voter goes into the booth. The Board is willing to train poll managers and poll clerks. Please call 744-8683 and leave your name, address, and phone number so the staff can send you the training dates.

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