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A thought for the Governor

Submitted by Joe Lolli, 7867 Russell Street Drive, Edisto Island

Retain a span of the Pearlman Bridge and develop Drum Island
Dear Governor Sanford,

Regarding the dismantling of the Grace and Pearlman bridges after the new Ravenel Bridge is finished, why not consider allowing the state to sell off Drum Island and let the part of the Pearlman bridge over Town Creek to remain in place providing access to that island? The sales proceeds from Drum Island could substantially offset part of the state's contribution to the new bridge cost.

If the island were allowed to be developed in a manner similar to Daniel Island, the subsequent property tax revenue could more than sustain Charleston County's share of the new Ravenel Bridge cost. It could also be used to replace the funding for CARTA that used to be provided by SCE&G. Besides, Governor, leaving the Town Creek portion of the Pearlman bridge in place could reduce the cost of dismantling the bridges by as much as $10 million.

Please consider comparing the benefits of selling Drum Island and retaining part of the Pearlman Bridge to the cost of dismantling the bridge and having the state retain ownership of this "non-performing asset" which would generate no financial benefit for the taxpayers. A privately developed Drum Island would increase the property tax base, lower the cost of demolition of the existing bridges, and reduce the taxpayer's general obligation to fund such needed items as CARTA and the cost of the new bridge. With kind regards

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