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BAR Meeting August 25

Faint praise is no praise at all
Family Y condominium conceptual design decision deferred
Patricia Jones who covers the B.A.R

The conceptual design decision for the condominiums being considered for the Family Y site has been deferred by the B.A.R. The developer is proposing 71 units for the two buildings that would stretch along the 1-acre site from George St. to Society St. The five story structures would contain the necessary parking spaces on the ground floor with the condominiums occupying the remaining floors.

The Historic Charleston Foundation and The Preservation Society stated the obvious - the buildings were too big for the block and in relation to surrounding structures, particularly at the Society Street end. One of the speakers said it would be better if a whole floor were taken off. Members of the B.A.R. also expressed disapproval of the buildings' mass.

The B.A.R, with faint praise for the design and extreme appreciation for the time spent developing the design, then asked the architects to go back and reconsider.

The developer assured the B.A.R. that the project was not intended for student housing. This has been a fear in the minds of many of the residents of Ansonborough. Despite the assurances of the developer, this fear remains. The condominiums are only a few hundred yards from the College of Charleston, and it looks like student housing.

First approval for a building under new height restrictions at 40 Calhoun Street

The B.A.R. gave conceptual approval for a new building adjoining the existing Rivers Building on 40 Calhoun Street. The building would have a height of 67 ft with retail or a bank lobby on the ground floor. The latter allows the building, with the new regulations (soon to be approved), to reach a height of up to 70 ft instead of the previous 55 ft maximum.

The developer originally proposed a building with a footprint of 12,000 sq ft but reduced it to 6000 sq ft.

The design got approval and compliments from the BAR.

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