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A call to Johns Island residents

Tom Wise

Monday, November 1, 2004 is a very important day to vote. That is ifyou are a resident of Johns Island and a member of St. John's Water Company. We're not talking about going to the polls and voting for a national or local politician, we're talking about voting for someone to represent you as a member of St. John's Water Company. St. John's Water Company is holding their annual meeting on November 1 where they will hold an election to elect three new members to the St. John's Board of Directors. This Board of Directors makes very important decisions about the Water Company and their operations on Johns Island.

Even though Johns Island is protected by the Comprehensive Plan, St. John's can and does make decisions that will promote development outside of the Comprehensive Plan that will in turn, increase urban sprawl on Johns Island. By providing infrastructure to areas that are not slated for development, the Water Company is showing disregard for the Comprehensive Plan that took citizens and public officials years of working together to develop. New board members, who understand the threat that inappropriate infrastructure poses to Johns Island, are needed on the St. John's Board of Directors.

Julia Grant, Thomas Legare and Sam Brownlee are proven community leaders
and support protecting the rural character of Johns Island. They need you to go to the meeting on Monday to vote for them. In order to vote, your name MUST be on your St. John's Water Bill. You can not send anyone to vote for you. The meeting is at Berkeley Electric Co-op on Maybank Highway. Voting begins at 6:30 pm, so get there early.

Voting for these candidates on Monday is one of the easiest ways for you
to make a difference on Johns Island.

Thank you all for your help-