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Johns Island residents petition against proposed water line

Tom Wise
Johns Island Preservation Coalition

Petitons signed by over 500 islanders were turned in to the headquarters of St. Johns Water Co on February 24, 2005. The signers had many reasons for putting their name on the pieces of paper asking the company to reconsider its decision to build a 30-inch waterline:

- Some people signed because they believe that Johns Island's growth needs to be curbed. For many people, infrastructure is a way of curbing the growth. If we don't have adequate water, more homes can not be built. Some see the action of blocking the waterline as a way to keep Johns Island rural forever.

- Others signed because they believe that a 30-inch waterline is too big. Some analysis has shown that a 30-inch waterline would serve a population bigger than the population of Mount Pleasant. No one wants Johns Island to become as big as Mount Pleasant. The people who signed the petition for this reason know that trying to limit the use of a 30-inch waterline after it is built would be like trying to limit the use of a 4-lane road after it is built. It would be impossible. As a result, many people signed the petition with the hope of convincing St. John's to build a more appropriately sized waterline.

- Many believe that the growth of Johns Island should not be left up to nine members on the board of a utility company. The people of Johns Island deserve to have a say in what happens to our island. Our County Council is made up of representatives for whom we vote. They make decisions based on hours and hours of public comment. Although they sometimes don't make decisions with which we agree, they are elected officials that can be held accountable for their decisions on Election Day.

The board members of St. John's Water Company do not have to seek public comment. They aren't even elected by the general population of Johns Island. Yet the decisions they make affect our entire island. For this reason, JIPC believes that the members of St. John's Water Company deserve to vote on the issue of whether or not to build a 30-inch waterline.

Tha Johns Island Preservation Coalition and Johns Island residents have worked hard on this petition drive, and will continue to work hard to keep Johns Island rural. We appreciate the continued support of Charleston Watch and our Charleston County neighbors.

For more information on the waterline and other Johns Island development issues, please visit our website at here

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