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Joey Douan's Council pay

Council member tells why he voted for its retention
Henry E. Darby, Councilman, Charleston County, District 4 4743 Ezekiel Avenue, North Charleston.

Several Democrats and perhaps some Republicans too, have questioned the wisdom of Councilman Pryor's and my voting in favor of keeping Joey Douan's salary in place. Knowing the history of Douan using the courts in resolving problems, a lawsuit would have been brought against Charleston County in reference to the aforementioned subject-matter. Councilman Pryor and I attempted to use economic logic in our final decision of the vote taken.

Research done mainly by Councilman Pryor dictated it makes more economic sense to keep Douan on salary, and I concurred, because of lawyer costs and fees which would far exceed the cost of one more two-week's salary totaling about $400. Furthermore, the Court was to make a decision of the impasse between Douan and Colleen Condon the following Monday. Why would Council wait until the 11th hour to have Douan's salary discontinued?

Councilman Pryor and I saw the measure urged by Councilman Wallace and those who voted in favor of the measure as a form of symbolism and rightly so. However, one does not necessarily have to contemplate which is more important in reference to the present situation - symbolism or economics? We were of the opinion the latter outweighed the former. Finally, our vote was definitely not against the Democratic Party nor Condon - that would be silly, absurd, and obtuse for Councilman Pryor and I are Democrats, albeit independent thinkers. We support the Democratic Party in its causes and desires but at the same time, Councilman Pryor and I must vote for causes that best help the entire County.

Editore note; The Finance Committee voted last Thursday to stop paying Council member Douan's compensation. Council members Darby and Pryor voted against the cessation while Council member Scott was absent from the meeting.

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