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Kwadjo Campbell defends Robert George

He is not a racist

Kwadjo Campbell, who represented District 4 on City Council prior to the elections late last year has written to the media stating that Robert George is not a racist. Herbert Fielding, the retired senator, made the accusation a short time before the run-off election in December. Mr George lost the election to Ms. Kathleen Wilson by a small margin and it is possible that the racist accusation was at least partly responsible for his loss.

Below is an extract from the letter>

In Defense of The Honorable G. Robert George by Kwadjo Campbell

I write this to defend a friend, G. Robert George, who is a fine gentleman and a good human being. These are not the characteristics of a racist. The Honorable G. Robert George was one of the strongest voices on City Council when it came to key issues in the African- American community. His vote could be counted on time and time again when it came to rezoning the Cainhoy Peninsula to protect the historic community and its character. When it came to tackling affordable housing and forcing the administration to take a serious look at its policies he never flinched. He fought for the African- American children of Westchester by fighting for funding of its parks and recreational programs. When it came to challenging the City Administration to answer questions concerning the drainage problems around Burke, it was he who asked the tough technical questions. He served with me and Councilmember James Lewis on the Community Development Committee of City Council. Councilmember Lewis will attest that Councilmember G. Robert George was an important and committed member of that body. Many aspects of the community development policies being implemented by the administration today were a result of his commitment to the issues.

A racist is not capable of such things.

More communication is necessary between various leaders, but Herbert Fielding? Mr. Fielding was force for our community in the 70s and 80s and this history is not to be disrespected, but the issues we grappled with on council in the late 90s and even now are absent of his presence. I disagreed with The Honorable G. Robert George on the CARTA issue as well, but that is just one issue versus hundreds we agreed on, and have worked together on. Mr. G. Robert George has been falsely accused of a vile and vicious thing. He is far from it. I know that he is a strong individual and rose above the fray, but I feel an obligation to speak out on his behalf as he was a friend to the African- American community and friends don't leave friends hanging.

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