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Lee Walton

Any policy aimed at the suppression of dissent among elected officials shouldn't be tolerated, and any elected official who would endorse such a proposal should be tossed out of office at the earliest opportunity. Public policy discussions in South Carolina have often been a bit rambunctious. That tradition is far better than rules that would require false collegiality. Elected officials shouldn't be expected to merely nod their heads in unison.

P&C Editorial, December 21, 2002

... in the privacy of the voting booth, what you must look for in those who want your support is character, not glibness. What matters is political courage, the courage to do the right thing for one's city, one's state, one's country regardless of the political consequences to one's self. What you must weigh is the record, not the promise. Character and political courage are not the most important things to look for in those who run for political office. They are the only things.

P&C D.L. Schreadley Op-ed, October 25, 2004

Hoodoo is the nature of your writings,
Yammer is the language that you speak.
Poltroons are the candidates you honor,
Odious are the comments that you shriek.

Cattle are the readers of your drivel,
Rancor is the harvest that you reap.
Innuendos are the weapons of your inquests,
Sycophants are the chosen that you keep.

And Yokes are the collars for your sheep.