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Chapman and Riley Tax Act (CARTA)
Lee Walton

There once was a pair from the City
Whose goals were not legal or pretty.
One said with a grin, "It won't be a sin
If we tax on the basis of pity".

So they plotted and schemed with abandon
For a plan to hold poor folks beholden.
They needed a way to turn back the "Nay",
And make taxpayers the goat of the burden.

So they thought up a way to use buses
To stop all the questions and cusses.
The plan that they wrote would give them the vote,
And make all of the funding cost-plusses.

It took them three tries at the booth,
But the last time they did it with sleuth.
They used all their power to win very narrow
By calling the nay Sayers uncouth.

Tax money, it flowed like a gusher
So they added some bus routes to Russia.
But they couldn't contend with the empty therein
As the funding just went down the flusher.

With no riders, they needed a savior,
So they turned to their crony Ed Fava.
They said "You can win, with Condon our friend,
Cause we got the write-ins to save'r".

With Council in charge of the taxes,
They twisted each arm to the maxes.
As Joe played the "Nag", Howard carried the "Bag"
To the voters with memory laxes.

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