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Lee Walton

Of noble ancestry from rebellion and courage,
Our local newspaper can trace its own peerage.
The "Mercury" proclaiming a fiery progression,
Once shattered our Nation with news of secession.
Through earthquake and wars, a dependable source
Of commerce, debate and open discourse.

But in recent decades, a loss of perspective
By liberals and demagogues who're much less objective.
Of cause and effect they seem not to ponder
And care even less if readers should wonder
Why polemic response is their only defense
To political patronage and its consequence.

As grand plans implode for lack of foundation
Its editors are compelled to defend aberration.
The causes they champion now rive with dissent
And suffer from politics and mismanagement -
Like choosing a path as political fodder
For a bottomless sinkhole of taxes called CARTA.

Its writings and features are only a ghost
Of that good evening paper we once called the "Post".
Intimidated by those who would perpetuate power
And loss of respect from those who don't cower,
Credibility and trust to the winds it did scatter
And now there is nothing but "Palter and Chatter".

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