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The Palter & Chatter- inexcusable journalism
Lee Walton In its, May 16th, editorial The Palter & Chatter blatantly supports CARTA's plea for excessive 1/2% Sales Tax Funding and openly insists that County Council Members break their promises to the voters of Charleston County. In this same editorial The Palter & Chatter shamelessly defends CARTA's continual mismanagement and incompetence by lamenting that its "…officials may have moved too fast initially to regain rider ship."

The editor of this "outcome based journalism" would have us reward incompetence and apparently cares nothing for the promises Council Members made to voters before the 1/2% Sales Tax Referendum. This editor would rather sacrifice County Council's credibility than demand accountability from CARTA's incompetent Director and Board.

How can we elect and maintain credible officials when The Palter & Chatter openly pleads with them to break their promises? Are these the ethics The Palter & Chatter would teach in our public schools or set as examples for local businesses? Does a person's word mean anything anymore? What a shameful example to set for our community! No one need wonder why it has earned the name - The Palter & Chatter. Mercy!

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