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Baptist Church - Wraggborough

Wraggborough resident takes issue with Charleston Stage director
Barbara Julius Charlotte Street

Regarding the comments made by Julian Wiles in Sunday's Post and Courier written by Dottie Ashley, I have this to say. Excuse me! Please do not trivialize the productive efforts made by the Mazick Wraggborough homeowners by saying unfound rumors swirling around you could not control. Take responsibility and recognize that we plowed through your misinformation and did our homework.

The commercial venture proposed would have had a negative impact on the quality of our lives. We used numbers taken from your web page off the Internet. We annualized the impact of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Call us old fashion but by early evening, the neighborhood is quiet. Friends can visit and park close to our homes. We did not relish the thought of evening activity five nights a week and on the weekends.

Stop comparing us to the Garden District. We all know the Dock Street Theater and the commercial venues have been there long before anyone purchased a home. We had plenty of people who lived there who complained about the difficulty finding a parking space close to their home. I find it sad that you continue to be disparaging about our efforts but am thankful our Zoning Board members had the integrity to listen, delay their decision and ultimately follow the law.

Your request was denied because you didn't meet the variance test. Perhaps next time, you'll wait before publicly announcing in newsletter plans to move to Elizabeth Street before getting the proper zoning approval.

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We too were suprrised at the comment. Rather presumptive for Mr. Wiles to be so sure that the BZA was going decide in favor of a change in the use. Mr. Wiles seemed to think the BZA was irrelevant. Editor

Posted by: Editor at June 28, 2006 03:05 AM

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