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Save the Urban Growth Boundary!

Coastal Conservation League warns of changes
Megan j. Desrosiers Coastal Conservation League 328 East Bay Street

The Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments (BCD COG) will evaluate a proposal that will essentially expand the urban growth boundary on Johns Island by several thousand acres and allow Charleston Water System to provide sewer service to new homes in the rural area of Johns Island. This move will extend sewer beyond the existing growth boundary to Main Road on the west, to Bohicket Creek and Plow Ground Road on the south, and all the way over to River Road on the east. The proposal would initially allow 1,250 new sewer taps into this rural area, significantly increasing the amount of land on Johns Island which could be intensely developed with access to sewer.

A public hearing will be held next Friday, July 28th, at 10 a.m. at BCD COG offices at 1362 McMillan Avenue at the Old Navy Base. The room number is Suite 100.

Charleston Water System and St. Johns Water Company have entered into an agreement which, if approved, will unravel the urban growth boundary on John's Island and make possible high-density development where it shouldn't go. In effect, these are two private companies who are redrawing the growth boundary we all fought so hard to keep.

While this action is deplorable, the time and location of the public hearing are equally offensive. It will be difficult for people to get off work to attend a public hearing set for 10 a.m. on Friday morning. Additionally, the location of the hearing is far from the affected area. Ron Mitchum, the Executive Director BCD COG, can reschedule the hearing for a time when people can attend, and at a location closer to the people who will be most affected. Such a hearing should be held in the evening after work and on John's Island.

Please email the leaders of the Council of Governments and let them know that you want them to disapprove the proposal to extend sewer beyond the Urban Growth Boundary and that you want them to change the time of the public hearing. Please click here to send an email to Mr. Mitchum, Mr. Rozier and Mr. Stavrinakis.

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