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Lee Walton
Charleston County's Little Napoleon
County Council Chairman Leon Stabyourbackus' op-ed published in the July 25th Palter & Chatter was nothing short of a self-serving laundry list of all his single-handed accomplishments while serving on County Council - guess he cut that law school lecture on humility to get his hair done. The other eight members of Council just as well be potted plants to hear Chairman Stabyourbackus boast of his single-handed skills as the problem-solver, financial wizard and self-proclaimed savior of the County Government. Notwithstanding his struggling attempt at humility, Stabyourbackus did manage to mention Me, My, and I a total of twelve (12) times. From the sound of it, Stabyourbackus is doing all the Council work himself. To follow the lead of J. Pericles Riley, the other eight members of County Council should be summarily dismissed while Sabyourbackus names himself Little Napoleon.

As also to be expected, the Palter & Chatter was downright blatant about printing his first campaign letter of the upcoming District 119 State House race. Would anyone like to bet the farm against a Palter & Chatter endorsement of Stabyourbackus on the last Sunday before this November's General Election? It's a wonder that his Republican opponent hasn't demanded equal time and a place above the fold on the Palter & Chatter Commentary page. Or is his Republican opponent just a "stalking horse"? There's word about town in some circles of the Charleston County Republican Party that a Stabyourbackus win in November would be just the ticket for several prominent RINOS (Republicans in Name Only).

Off to the Races
Speaking of "stalking horses", is ever-ready mayoral candidate Jimmy Bailey getting reshod for another "make believe" run against Pericles, his buddy and fellow liberal Democratic crony in November 2007? Or, is Pericles grooming another of his thoroughbred cronies as the next "stalking horse" for the 2007 Mayoral race. This time around, given the continuing population shifts into conservative suburbia and his current string of high visibility City-wide problems, Pericles will have to break up the conservative Republican vote with the help and financing of his deal estate developer supporters who perpetuate his imperial reign.

With only fifteen months to go before the next City of Charleston Mayor's Derby, it will be politically entertaining to watch the Riley Machine and its stable of thoroughbred cronies jockey for the starting gate. Pericles was even reportedly gearing up literally in his new bright yellow Hurricane Slicker as he rehearsed his famous "Captain of the Ship" routine for the local media. Word has it that he even has a new rain dance to part the waters at the Ashley and Calhoun Intersection.

Cook cooked in the Lowcountry Boil
Was John Cooked in the Lowcountry Boil? That's the question now going around Charleston CPW after CEO John Cook very recently and very quickly found himself on the street. We all know that J. Pericles Riley will suffer fools - the best proof is CARTA boss, Howard The Bagman Chapman, but if you cross swords with Pericles, you're OUT! Although John Cook may not have been the brightest bulb in CPW's marquee, he was no fool, although he was often too outspoken and opinionated. Word has it that he crossed swords with Pericles and his cronies (the CPW board), once too often. One thing Pericles demands is absolute obedience.

Given all the recent bad publicity CPW has suffered, maybe John Cook was no longer willing to be a "Spear Catcher" for Pericles. The many expensive utility service commitments that Pericles has made on Daniel Island, the Cainhoy Peninsula, West of the Ashley and on James and Johns Islands have simply stretched CPW's water distribution and wastewater collection and treatment facilities to their limits. Word now has it that the Lid literally had to be taken off CPW's newest sewer potty tunnel at the corner of Broad and Lockwood. That Big Dig's heavy concrete lid was finally set several weeks ago; now it's off again and construction crews and heavy equipment are back doing over-time to correct another problem. Looks like CPW may have a little sewer cave-in about 100 feet down. Maybe John Cook metaphorically got that shaft. That's one big potty that Pericles would not want to have over flow below Broad.

Remembrance and Reflection

With the greatest humility, respect and deepest regret, our City sadly suffered the tragic and untimely passing of a quintessential Charlestonian, J. Palmer Gaillard, Jr., Mayor of Charleston from 1959 to 1975.

Mayor Gaillard was one of Charleston's most humble and respected public servants of the last century. His character, courage, credibility, consistency and civility brought Charleston through many watershed events and prepared her well for the three decades that followed his last term of office. It was his efforts and leadership that built the strong, solid foundation upon which Charleston now stands. His is a well-deserved and respected legacy.

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