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Charleston's Dynamic Political Duo!
Lee Walton

Slowly but surely the truth and facts are beginning to materialize about the real relationship between Mayor J. Pericles Riley and County Council Chairman Napo-Leon Stabyourbackus. Their common political philosophies and objectives are becoming more transparent as each pragmatically supports the same liberal agenda issues and acts to exert increased control over local politics through intimidation and polemic rhetoric.

What was recently confirmed by a leak from inside City Hall has been the topic of political speculation for over four years. Pericles began nurturing Napo-Leon Stabyourbackus as a political ally and potential successor when he first encouraged and supported Napo-Leon for his initial run for County Council. As their common agenda becomes more obvious, it's clear that there is much more to their relationship than they would want the citizens of both the County and City to know.

Even Periclesrealizes that he is not immortal and now, due to continuing health issues and age, realizes he must select and nurture a successor to insure the continued growth of his Acropolis and to protect the symbiotic relationship Pericles has created with the deal-estate development complex in Charleston County. To no one's surprise, Pericles recently announced his intensions to run for another four-year term in the upcoming 2007 mayoral campaign. Not so coincidently, Napo-Leon Stabyourbackus announced that he intended to run for John Graham's State House seat and not seek another term on County Council.

Napo-Leon and Pericles could both easily read the "tealeaves" in the newly created single-member County Council District-9 "Cup"; Stabyourbackus would have a very slim chance in the new single-member district that was carved out to contain some of the most conservative, Republican majority precincts in the County. Neither could chance a loss and the potential setback it would create for Pericles in 2011. Their decision seemed much more prudent after Thurmond the Younger entered the District-9 County Council race as the County Republican Party's horse to beat. But there's another more sinister reason why Stabyourbackus is running for the State House.

Both Pericles and Stabyourbackus realize the value of a two-term stint in the State House as a way for Napo-Leon to broaden his political base as a "real player" in local politics while gaining recognition as a rising Young Turk in the local Democratic Party - much like Pericles did when he served his two terms in the State House before returning to Charleston to run for mayor. As members of the Bar, and local practicing attorneys, the four years in Columbia would provide Stabyourbackus with an almost identical political resume as Pericles before running for his first term as mayor. The timing would be perfect - Pericles would complete his last term in 2011 as Stabyourbackus would complete his second two-year term in the State House. Napo-Leon Stabyourbackus would enter the 2011 mayoral race with the full support of Pericles, his notorious and well-funded political machine, the lower-state Democratic Party faithful and the stable of deal-estate developers that Pericles created for his own benefit and financial support.

Napo-Leon Stabyourbackus would inherit the City-State of Pericles' thirty-four year reign. It's a neat, albeit very dangerous plan for the citizens of the Greater Charleston Area.

The City of Charleston needs a real change in its leadership and vision, which is long overdue. The politics of raw power, intimidation, and the personal destruction of those who beg to differ should not be tolerated or allowed to perpetuate through the hands of a hand picked puppet of Pericles. Stop this madness now before it has a chance to succeed. Don't let Napo-Leon Stabyourbackus advance one rung higher on the local political ladder. Using the infamous words of none other than James Carville - Cut him off at the Knees!

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