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RINOS Dupe Dumbos - Again!
Lee Walton

Mercy! Isn't Charleston politics just plain fun to watch this time of year? Why pay for cable or a movie when such intriguing entertainment is free? The big Three-Ring Circus now going up under Charleston County's election year Big Top has something for voters of every age, gender, race and political persuasion. In addition to the three main events, there's the quintessential Ringmaster with his usual collection of Political Clowns, Carnies running things behind the scenes, Sideshows to distract the unwary, Barkers to confuse the uninformed, Freaks to distract the innocent, and trained Stalking Horses to steal the show.

The Palter & Chatter has now blatantly given the Charleston County School Board Race Center Ring billing. Last Saturday's front page expose "politics as usual" confirmed our contention that any collateral damage done on their part by further politicizing this supposedly non-partisan election is inconsequential to furthering their own agendas, both financial and political.

What hypocrites! In the same addition, one of their renowned editorial polemicists took a recently outspoken School Board Member and Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson critic to task in "Engleman: Justify or apologize"; granted this particular demand, and that recently aimed at a Charleston City Council Member for his inappropriate comments were probably warranted, but such public Rail Rides never happen when the public official making the faux pas is one of the Palter & Chatter's fair-haired Golden Boys or prized sycophants.

With all his public blunders and ludicrous wasting of tax revenue, how many times has the Palter & Chatter ever directly and publicly criticized CARTA's Director, Howard The Bagman Chapman? Whose brilliant management idea precipitated the recent Federal Transit Administration reprimand of CARTA for using their federal tax subsidy to inappropriately compete with private motorcoach operators and break federal law in the process. Why isn't the editorial staff asking for Howard The Bagman's resignation for endangering CARTA's future federal funding?

In the Right Wing- Oops, Ring of Charleston's Three-Ring Circus we have the Charleston County Council District -9 Race. The local Republican Party's favorite, Young Thurmond, The Not So Bold, is pitted against the Democratic Party's challenger, a local unknown, albeit life-experienced and seemingly well informed James Islander, George Tempel. Granted, Young Thurmond looks impressive on paper, but his professed reasons and objectives for running seem to fall flat, and there's also a few of his signs in the yards of several well known Democrats and RINOS (Republicans-In-Name-Only) who live in District-9. Nonetheless, the local Republican leadership thinks his name's enough to lure voters over to his side; we wonder how many of them are old enough to remember that the late Thurmond the Elder was once a Democrat before he flipped sides. Surely, Young Thurmond has his political aspirations set higher than a County Council seat. Time will tell what his true colors and motivations really are. From our perspective, having heard him debate, when he opens his mouth, it's only to change feet. Unfortunately for the local Republican leadership, this time, the Democrats have chosen a candidate that has a far better understanding of the local issues that motivate the electorate of Council District-9.

In the Left Wing - Oops again, Left Ring, of our political Three-Ring Circus, County Council Chairman Napo-Leon Stabyourbackus, the Democratic Party's favorite and Mayor J. Pericles Riley's protégé, is facing the local Republican Party's latest dark horse candidate, Suzanne Piper, for the State House District-119 Seat. Even with the recent endorsement of Governor Sanford, the untested Republican challenger still finds herself up against a formidable, well-funded, state-wide political machine and a savvy, quick-on-his-feet, relatively seasoned, albeit very liberal, politician. Napo-Leon Stabyourbackus and Pericles, his chief benefactor, are beginning their ramp-up to a vicious ending that will probably melt the Republican's hopeful like a snow cone on a July afternoon. Lastly, two well-known Charleston County Council Member RINOS and former democrats, Charlie Wallace and Ed Fava, have snookered the Republicans again by publicly endorsing Stabyourbackus ; even a blind man could have seen that one coming. What in the world has that GOP bunch been thinking as they continued to supported these two year after year? Even the most cunning and beguiling snake is still a snake.

Less we forget, Pericles, the Ringmaster, is ever-present in his entire splendor, he's not just holding the whip and orchestrating the show, he is the Whip! When will it ever end?

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