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"The City of Charleston

Is it really serious about preservation?"
Warwick Jones

We have no copies left of our booklet The City of Charleston, Is it really serious about preservation? The booklet was distributed to those attending the Historic Charleston Foundation forum on Monday last.

As mentioned in the article we posted on the forum, the publication can be downloaded in PDF form from this site. press here

Your Comments:

Dear Warwick,
Thank you for informing me of the HCF meeting last Monday. Your recent publication 'Charleston: Is it really serious about preservation' is a clear indication of the pitfalls planners fall into in dealing with the subject, and I firmly support your efforts. It takes a lot of energy to achieve even small changes for the good. My thoughts are that there is a large space to bridge in peoples minds in respect of their role in shaping the community in which they live, and the more awareness generated the better. In view of the City Council Planning Department's stated intention to involve as many sectors of society in the process of compiling the new plan documents, it was particularly disturbing to see just one representative of the black African American community at the meeting. I appreciate this is a sensitive issue, however I suggest greater awareness of all sectors of society is necessary to achieve a truly participatory framework. Ensuring representation of inhabitants other than just the business community is no easy task, but without this, mistakes of the past are likely to be repeated. Good luck Charlestonwatch.

Posted by: at November 10, 2006 08:57 AM