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County Council, January 9

New Chairman and Vice Chairman
To confront some major issues this year
Warwick Jones

The first meeting for the New Year was predictable. With the Republicans in the majority, Council members Scott and Bostic were appointed Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. In terms of service, they are also the two most senior members of Council. There also were two new members of Council, Schweers and Thurmond, both Republicans. They won the seats previously held by Council members Wallace and Stavrinakis. Neither ran again for Council with Dr Wallace retiring and Mr. Stavrinakis running for and securing a seat in the State Legislature.

There was nothing of note on yesterday's agenda but on closing of the session, Chairman Scott noted that a number of important issues would come before Council this year and intimated that the public would be fully informed. He specifically noted the Judicial Center and Tax issues.

A law suit has been initiated by the County against the contractor who built the Judicial Center. The issues were discussed at Council meetings last year. But it seems that remedial action will need to be even more extensive, and costly, than first anticipated.

We also hear that the Computer outsourcing contract has been a disappointment and that the programs that were to be written for the County are not working, or at least not satisfactorily. This contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, the US subsidiary of an Indian firm. The award also generated some heat as some citizens felt that the award should have gone to a local firm. If the firm fails to deliver, the heat may be intense.

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