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Ev’ry mornin’ at the Chamber you could see him arrive
He stood five feet six and weighed three forty-five
Very broad at the shoulders, even wider at the hips
And everybody knew ya gave all ya chips - to Big Al.
Big Al, Big Bad Al.

Nobody seemed to know that Al was a gnome
He was a gifted kinda con with a big shiny dome
He always said much, real arrogant and sly
And if ya questioned him, ya just couldn’t buy - from Big Al.

The reporters – they say he’s from Hollywood
A self-centered guru and a Robinhood
With a stash o’ dough in his chunky right hand
He even snookered Andrade, one of Riley’s band – Big Al.
Big Al, Big Bad Al.

Then came that call from the SEC
When the pyramid cracked and the fed’s came to see
His investors were prayin’ while funds drained fast
And all his suckers suddenly saw his past – ‘cept Al.

Through the smoke and mirrors of his clown covered shell
Stood a gaudy colored jacket his investors knew well
Grabbin’ saggin’ statistics, cryin’ out for a loan
With a shattered shell game, he just stood all alone – Big Al
Big Al, Big Bad Al.

And with all his cunning, pinned one more forecast
As Riley left town evadin’ their past!
While the Mayor’s favorite cronies were hidin’ his track
Others quickly rushed in to cover his back – ‘cept Al.

With no fanciful numbers from their favorite clown
There arose a cry from shaky charities downtown
When nothin’ of value drained from the “pools”
Everybody realized they were “duped fools” – even Al

Again Charleston’s scarred by another Big Zit
Even the Palter & Chatter questions its wit!
While there’s still a LOT with heads in the sand,
At the bottom of this mess lies E-CON-OMAN – Big Al.
Big Al, Big Bad Al.

Lee Walton

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