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City Council, May 1

Persistence pays off
Greenberg to get a plaque. Some efficiency measures to be implemented

Marc Knapp

Over the last few months, Mr. Ed Jones has asked Council at just about every meeting what it was doing for the youth of the East Side community. Like many others who have spoken during Citizens Participation in recent months, he pointed to the lack of sporting facilities and opportunities for the youth of the community.

His persistence paid off, at least in a small way. The City has promised to provide about $8,000 to Concerned Citizens of the Peninsula/Low Country (CCOTPLC). At a meeting in April, Mr. Jones asked Council to sponsor this organization. The goal of the organization is “to promote discipline, teamwork, responsibility and accountability in the lives of our young men and women through education and recreation”. We understand that much of the money will go to providing uniforms and equipment for the Philip Johnson Summer Basketball league.

Mr. Jones thanked Council last night for the gift and in particular the Mayor and Council member Mitchell. And although he was genuinely grateful, we suspect Mr. Jones will be back before Council asking for more action. He is particularly concerned about the dearth of recreational facilities for youth in the community, and looks to a more significant effort on the part of Council than suggested by the recent gift.

Next meeting in newly-renovated City Hall
Last night’s Council meeting will be the last at the Reuben M. Greenberg Municipal Building. The next meeting is scheduled for the now-restored City Hall on May 29. It was probably only a coincidence, but Council last night agreed to commission a plaque of ex Police Chief Greenberg in profile, to be placed on the building that bears his name.

Accounts payable process to be revamped
The only other item of interest from last night’s meeting was the potential change to the City’s Accounts Payable process. In response to an internal study, the City was about to implement changes which should lead to prompter payments to vendors. Because of the high estimated cost of processing each account payable ($50), staff had recommend that the City move to issuing credit/debit cards to appropriate City staff. The bank would in future handle the paper work and the accounting would be submitted every month by electronic means for perusal and checking by the City. This should lead to cost savings as well, staff told Council members

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