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Memorial Day – A day of tribute to our Nation’s Fallen Defenders
Lee Walton

As our Nation celebrates Memorial Day weekend with family and friends, each of us should pause and remember those who, over the past century and even today, have given the full measure of their lives to protect and defend the basic freedoms we so often take for granted, but many throughout the world can only vaguely imagine.

Memorial Day should not just be about backyard barbeques, parades or a long holiday weekend that heralds the beginning of summer. Likewise, this special day should not be about honoring our living veterans who served our Nation and returned to their families to live out productive lives.

Memorial Day is about those who didn’t return; those whose parents, sweethearts, spouses and children had futures plucked from their lives before their collective dreams could be fulfilled. Never to be borne are the countless children of those who lost their lives in order that we and future generations can raise our families free from the “isms” of past wars and conflicts.

God bless and keep most dear the memories of those who fell in the defense of our Nation.

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