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Planning Commission to hear request to move Urban Growth Boundary

Meeting on Monday August 13 at 4 pm


We know that many of our viewers are interested in the proposed Long Savannah development in West Ashley. To be able to undertake the development, the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) needs to be moved. The request for the move is being made by the developer to the Planning Commission at its meeting this coming Monday August 13. The meeting will begin at 4 pm at

County Council Chambers, 2nd Floor
Lonnie Hamilton, III Public Services Building
4045 Bridge View Drive, North Charleston, SC
August 13, 2007

As at all meetings of the Planning Commission, citizens will have an opportunity to express their views.

We and others oppose the proposed change in the UGB. The UGB is a lynchpin in the County’s Comprehensive Plan and the Comprehensive Greenbelt Plan. Any change should come only after careful study, and public hearings. We are also concerned about the background for the request. Movement of the UGB will allow the developer to construct up to 3600 dwelling units and other buildings in an area that is presently weighed down by the lack of infrastructure and failed roads. The developer in consideration for moving the boundary and to facilitate the development has offered to sell properties to the PRC and the City of Charleston for values less-than-market. These properties will be used as parks.

We will not deny the utility of the land for the creation of parks. But the UGB was created by the County to preserve the rural nature of much of the County. It was created for the benefit of the citizens of Charleston. The obligation to citizens remains. It should not be overwritten to the benefit a developer by what we can consider as “bribe”.

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