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An Inconvenient Truth – the latest Skeleton in Riley’s Closet
Lee Walton

Persistent denial and a cloak of silence are poor substitutes for facing the truth that continues to confront Mayor J. Pinocchio Riley as revelation after revelation publicly confirm the incompetent leadership of his woefully inadequate fire chief who has led a once proud department to near collapse. The Mayor’s continued unwillingness to brave the truth about the person behind the CFD’s tragic decent into mediocrity, without doubt, has contributed directly to the tragic loss of nine brave firefighters. Riley’s continued denial and unwillingness to accept the consequences of his and Chief Thomas’ actions now cast doubt upon the Mayor’s continuing ability to effectively and rationally make the day-to-day decisions necessary to govern the City of Charleston.

With each passing day, Riley’s pragmatic and polemic defense of the indefensible isolates him further and further from the reality of governance and confirms his inability to publicly deal with the magnitude of consequences stemming directly from his decision to select Rusty Thomas as Charleston’s Fire Chief over other more qualified candidates sixteen years ago. The chilling words of former Fire Chief Guthke’s daughter quoted in Sunday’s Palter & Chatter headline article, “Stories differ on fire chief” say all that needs to be said “… her father didn’t think Thomas was prepared for the job and considered him headstrong and unwilling to learn. “My dad said (Thomas) is not ready and he will probably never be ready.”

As Election Day on November 6th draws closer and closer, many citizens of Charleston find themselves frustrated and disillusioned with the Mayor’s continued stonewalling tactics and unwillingness to openly debate the causes and consequences of June 18th. With relatively few certain choices and options to a ninth term under a continued Riley Administration, many voters are likely to seriously consider opting out and just not voting at all.

Fortunately, there is another, more effective way the electorate can make its collective displeasure heard loud and clear by Riley on the morning of November 7th, cast a Vote of No Confidence against Riley’s continued defense and support of Chief Rusty Thomas – vote for anyone else but Riley. If you don’t like any of the other candidates, vote a write-in for your family dog, a favorite athlete, even Mickey Mouse or Larry, Moe and Curly, but VOTE and make your displeasure heard!

Don’t let Riley think you’re fool enough to swallow his same old hook, line and sinker again – vote for anyone or anything, but don’t vote for Riley!

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