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Greenbelts Advisory Board, December 4

Summary of Greenbelt grants for 2007
Substantial funds still available
Warwick Jones

Staff presented a summary of the Greenbelt grants made in 2007. These grants are related to the half-cent sales tax introduced in 2005. Since the Grants program was introduced early this year, the Greenbelt Bank has approved 21 projects and made grants totaling $16.2 million. The Urban Grants Review Committee has approved 15 projects and made grants of $9.9 million.

The County late last year approved bond issues amounting to $95 million. Interest and amortization was to be provided by the half-cent sales tax. These funds were to be divided between Rural and Urban grants in the proportion 70/30. Based on this ratio, the Greenbelt Bank has a theoretical $50.3 million still to distribute and the Urban Grants Review Committee, $18.8 million.

Viewers can see summaries of the Rural Grants Download file and Urban Grants Download file