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Capitalism is not a four-letter word
Lee Walton

Capitalism is not, as Senator Obama, Hugo Chavez, Nancy Pelosi, and the far left, post-Christian era neo-socialists would have us believe, an amoral economic system based upon exploitation, greed, and selfishness. To the contrary, the roots of capitalism as a morally based economic system can be traced directly to ancient Judeo-Christian tradition and morality anchored firmly in both the Old and New Testaments. For thousands of years these standards of moral behavior and ethics have exhorted countless generations to achieve their highest potential by rewarding individual ability and skill with the fruits of diligent labor. Throughout history capitalism has encouraged the virtues of prudence, reliability, industriousness, diligence, charity, conscientiousness, and frugality. Capitalism has made possible the creation of new concepts to advance mankind through scientific research, exploration, inventiveness, economic growth, and the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship that civilized and industrialized the modern world.

The unique attribute of capitalism is that it does not discriminate against the poor; to the contrary, it has proven to be the only economic system that can raise the poor and underprivileged out of poverty by creating a sense of individual worth and human dignity. A free and unrestrained economic society allows its citizenry the unfettered liberty to maximize their God-given talents and the freedom to use their limited resources and perseverance in the pursuit of their greatest potential.

Western capitalism created countless captains of industry during the late 19th century from Irish paupers and other Old-World immigrants who risked what little they had to seek a new and better life in America. It also lifted a torn, bloodied, and divided nation from the aftermath of a tragic Civil War and healed the wounds that ushered in a national prosperity necessary to meet the challenges of the 20th Century. From the Edison’s, Crane’s, Carnegie’s, and Morgan’s of the 19th Century, to the Ford’s, Gates’, Pickens’, Perot’s, and Walton’s of the 20th Century, men of extraordinary vision persevered under a free, capitalistic society to create the as-yet-unsurpassed industrial might of this nation. Most importantly, this industrial might, made possible only through a free and moral capitalistic society, led the free world to challenge and ultimately defeat the military might of the dreaded 20th Century totalitarian ideologies of fascism, Nazism, and communism.

Nonetheless, economic freedom gained through capitalism comes at a heavy price. Capitalism demands that its beneficiaries seek freedom before security or comfort - a freedom requiring both individual responsibility and personal accountability.

Capitalism, to exist as an economic system, is dependant upon a political system free from the rule of ideologies unsupported by the majority of the general population – ideologies professed by Barack Obama and like-minded ultra-liberal intellectual elites who dream of imposing their arrogant creeds upon less motivated segments of society readily willing to trade their economic freedom for promises of unearned sustenance and personal security. For the first time in our nation’s history, there is a synergy of forces in play that have the propensity to do great, possibly irreversible, harm to the very foundations of the political and economic structures that have served this nation well for over two centuries.

The moral foundation essential for the survival of capitalism in America remains utterly dependant upon the democratic concepts of equity, justice, and an independent judiciary instilled in the original principles set forth in the Constitution. The seven Articles and first ten Amendments of the Constitution express what the founders of our nation believed would be maintained and unaltered in spirit and fact. The Constitution was never intended to be a “living document” to be freely interpreted or changed by a judiciary reacting to transient popularities of alternative political ideologies.

As our nation now alters course in a precarious lurch toward the shoals of uncharted socialism, it is essential that our elected representatives and national leaders defend the three founding Federalist imperatives upon which our current capitalistic economic and political systems were based. First, government must provide the basic services and protections demanded by its citizens and for which they are willing to be taxed. Second, government must promote, preserve, and protect the wealth of its citizenry. The third imperative was, in fact, intended as a prohibition and warning to future generations – government must meet the first two imperatives without pursuing redistribution policies.

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