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Bashing Conservatives – Hitting the tallest nails standing
Lee Walton

This past week’s demonstration to the world of how the United States of America celebrates democracy through a peaceful, orderly transition of executive leadership remains one of the highest achievements of our over two-century-old republic. The celebrations in Washington and throughout America honoring the election of this nations 44th president ushered in what will be to all citizens, a time of great anticipation and change.

Nonetheless, those participating in the ceremony that took place on the steps of the Capitol, and millions throughout this country and the world also witnessed a shameless act of national disrespect and lack of common decency when thousands in the mass of spectators booed, hissed, and cat-called as the outgoing president was introduced for his last official appearance in office. Those on the podium, including the incoming administration, members of Congress, and the media that stood silently by and witnessed this shameless act of disrespect may have publicly condoned a “tipping point” in national political campaigns. The deep scars of disrespect for the Office of the President inflicted during the past eight years and during this past presidential campaign by the liberal media and the socialist leaning, ultra left wing of the Democratic Party where “acted out” by their surrogates for all the world to see; their “chickens finally came home to roost”.

The blatant, open, and angry disrespect publicly acted out on Capitol Hill this past week typifies the fundamental philosophical differences between liberalism and conservatism. Of late, both individually and collectively, liberals in this nation have demonstrated a basic lack of respect and civility for opposing thought and opinion in any form – it simply is not tolerated. One is either a dutiful member of the liberal collective,. sharing all of its core beliefs, or one is the enemy – there no longer appears to be a middle ground of respect for the loyal opposition by the ultra liberal Democratic Party.

In many aspects, the fundamental tenet of liberalism seems rooted in a deep physiological fear of individualism and personal courage. Liberals hate and fear untouchable individuals that cannot be intimidated, bought, or controlled. Their greatest fear is independent personal courage that cannot be cowered or silenced by polemic hyperbole. Any individual who stands apart with a differing opinion is a threat to their very existence. Throughout history, tyrants, dictators, and despots have sought to crush, silence and destroy any individual who threatens their existence; liberalism suffers from the same insecurity complex.

The Tallest Nails of conservatism hold core beliefs contrary and foreign to liberal group thought. The “five C’s” of Character, Courage, Credibility, Consistency, and Civility that constitute the foundation of conservatism are the greatest dangers to liberalism in this nation. At every opportunity, liberals attack and attempt to teardown the character and reputation of their conservative opponents; it’s now become a national blood sport with unintended consequences that led to open mass disrespect toward the highest elected office this nation. What next liberal-inspired act of disrespect will those now occupying the most politically powerful offices in the national government spawn and condone?

During the next four years, nearly half of this nation’s electorate can only hope that there are a few courageous conservatives in congress who are willing to Stand Tall and take the Hits.

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