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Five schools slated to be closed

It’s the lack of discipline!

In relation to the proposed closing of 5 County Schools, recent articles in the Post and Courier inform us that:

• Nearly all of the five schools have received the lowest state ratings.

• Enrollment is down 35% over the past decade

• The No Child Left Behind criteria have not been met

• The per pupil cost is higher than average, with McClellanville Middle having the highest per pupil cost in the district at $20,362. Yes, you read that correctly - $20,362.

Yet Dot Scott president of the NAACP, claims it was lack of funds in the past that has caused the low achievement. Forget that each of these schools receives more per pupil funding than nearly every other public school in the district.

Could there be another cause for the failure of these schools to adequately teach these children? Could it be lack of discipline? That’s what School Board Member Elizabeth Kandrac thinks.

As reported in the Post and Courier, School Board member Elizabeth Kandrac believes the real problem is discipline. “Staff members are afraid of children, and that’s the reason students are not excelling” she said.

State Representative and former City Council member Gilliard suggests the surrounding neighborhoods have an adequate population to support a school but the district has failed to mount an enrollment campaign or make an effort to attract those students. Now one can draw two different conclusions from that statement. Either the children who should be in school are not, (and if not, why not?) Or, they are attending school elsewhere. In which case, why waste money on a school that is not needed?

Neither Dot Scott nor Mr. Gailliard ever mentions the word discipline. Race is mentioned frequently, although, a la Eric Holder, we are told “Nobody talks about it”. Maybe because most are beyond talking about race and instead want to talk about the real issues--- discipline, parental responsibility and fathers.

Jida Wahl

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