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The taunts never end

Let’s really be real

Pat Jones

“Racists”, “cowards” and “unable to face reality”; it has not been a good couple of weeks for being white or conservative (if that is the term for a non-liberal). And now outrage by national columnist Leonard Pitts over a less-than- charming cartoon in the New York Post.

Too late Leonard!! If you wanted outrage, you should have played your hand many years ago - back when rappers were wishing for dead cops, burned cities, dead whites and raped white women. Or when there were cries to “Kill President Bush” And then across the pond, the British equivalent, “Happy birthday Maggie - it’s one year closer to your death.” It’s amazing how quickly “Kill Bush” and “Question Authority” slid from the bumpers of Volvos only to be replaced with “Respect the Office of the President.” For some, moral outrage is selective.

Representative Clyburn chastised any who questioned the $800 billion stimulus bill. Apparently, doing so made us anti-black. Forget that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) denounced the plan as doing little in the short term and having no more effect in the long term than doing nothing

Or The Economist... “Obama repeatedly promised two reach out to Republicans and Democrats rather than pandering to his supporters, and to let in as much light as possible...” “But his bill represented the triumph of business as usual...and concocted in secret by the Democratic leadership, a trio of north-eastern Republican senators and a handful of White House aides. Not a single legislator who voted on the mammoth bill can have read it all. The two devils of partisanship and opacity reinforced each other. Using the power of the gavel and shield of secrecy, Democrats stuffed the bill with “truffles for their States and gifts for the Interest-Groups that pay their bills.”

Attorney General, Eric Holder thinks we are “cowards”, and in a previous article, Mr. Pitts accuses us of being “unable to face our reality”. Mr. Pitts wants pictures of the flag draped coffins, arriving now from Iraq, to be published. There has been a ban on such for the past 18 years. I suspect, however Mr. Pitts is still being goaded by the Vietnam War. One can almost see that chip on his shoulder growing larger every day. The reinstatement of the draft would probably please him no end. Although I fail to see how a professional service can be improved with draftees. But that is not the idea, is it?

Before venting his anger over the chimpanzee cartoon in the New York Post, Mr. Pitts provided a short history lesson on the attitude to blacks. It was not a happy history. Much wrong had been done in the past. And there have been real attempts to address these wrongs. And that is my reality.

However, we whites grow tired of being the only ones asked to “face their reality”. While blacks account for 15% of our population, they are responsible for 64% of the crime. And I’m not talking a few grams of marijuana. Or the 70% illegitimacy rate. Single parent households contribute more to the delinquency of a child----drug use and failure to graduate from high school, than any other factor in the child’s life. What are you are you saying about that Mr. Pitts?

Once safe working class neighborhoods are destroyed when overtaken by drug dealers. Yet, what help does the black community give the authorities? Too often, next to none!

What of Tawana Brawley and Al Sharpton? The life of a police officer was nearly destroyed by lies. A little closer in time is the Duke University lacrosse team scandal. Three young men could have spent years behind bars because of lies and misguided sentiments. Where are the apologies?

Social promotion, forced busing and quotas killed our public education system, once the finest in the world. School vouchers would provide all children an equal opportunity to a better education. Yet listen for the screams that rise up from Rep. Clyburn and the NAACP should the word “vouchers” ever be mentioned. However, I heard not a peep when Charleston City Council just recently voted to purchase land for a private school that will be, almost, exclusively black. Let Ashley Hall try the same trick and see what happens.

A few years ago when the City of Charleston decided to develop Ansonborough Field, others and I presented a petition to the Council requesting that the area in question be kept green, being that it was the last large open space in the City. I have to assume that because a few African American families still lived at the housing development on the site, certain black Council members found it necessary to accuse us of being racists. We were asking for a City Park!! Not for a white public school.

Mr. Pitts has every right to vent his anger, frustrations and thoughts. But then so should we all, and we should be able to do so, even when stepping into Mr.Pitt’s reality without having to endure charges of racism and cowardness.

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