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Sanford – One person with courage is a majority!
Lee Walton

No wonder liberals, progressive Democrats, and sundry socialists throughout S.C. and the nation hate and fear him. They can’t control him, intimidate him, or silence him, and he’s not in their political pecking order. Governor Mark Sanford just can’t be turned from his mission; he’s like the Eveready Bunny – tirelessly banging on his drum for the entire world to hear. Sanford personifies the greatest fears of progressive Democrats and accentuates the qualities of character most lacking in themselves. Since his early days as a fledgling member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Sanford has held fast to his core conservative, Christian beliefs and steadfastly maintained a degree of personal courage that still sets him apart from friend and foe alike.

Sanford is not unlike another fiscal conservative governor who, decades ago, clawed his way into the national limelight and started a political revolution – The Reagan Revolution. Not unlike a younger Reagan of decades past, Sanford’s current opposition to the federal stimulus handouts to private industry, states, and local governments has come under sharp, often vicious attacks from across the nation. He is one of the most serious threats to the wave of progressive socialism now sweeping over the nation. In the eyes of radical journalism, Sanford is the greatest threat to the backbreaking federal debt burden being placed upon the shoulders of future generations to fund the quickening lurch into National Socialism being espoused by the Obama Administration.

Not to be outdone by its larger, radical idols in print journalism, as of February 24th, the Palter and Chatter’s left-wing editorial staff has published no less than thirteen lead editorials lambasting Sanford’s opposition to the Obama Administration’s fiscal policy and specifically to accepting an additional $700 million in stimulus money earmarked to South Carolina. “Take the stimulus money; Use aid for poor, not debt; Hardly a ‘race card’; Who speaks for S.C.?; Sanford’s stimulus punt; Good year to make reforms; Welcome highway stimulus; S.C. needs ‘rainy day’ aid; Untie strings on school money; Good advice for the governor; Tick tock, tick tock; Responsible leadership needed as deadline for stimulus looms; and S.C. schools more important than the national limelight share the same two common themes: without the additional $700 million public education will suffer disastrous consequences throughout the state, and Sanford’s running for national office. The former has been an ever-increasingly expensive red herring for over half a century and the latter is the real issue – the S.C. and national Democratic Party have no intentions to allow Sanford to take one step further up the ladder of national political prominence. Like what James Carville said about Ken Starr, they plan to “cut him off at the knees” to stop him.

Sanford’s consistent fiscal mantra hits at the very core of public finance – using one-time federal stimulus money to balance otherwise bloated, unbalanced state or municipal budgets simply kicks the can down a very slippery slope and will result in more deficit spending and difficult budgeting in future years. Where will the funds come from when the stimulus funds dry up in two years? What state and local politicians will have the viscera to then cut even deeper to balance federally bloated budgets? Once new social programs dictated and initially funded by the Obama Administration create their targeted beneficiaries, they will be difficult, if not impossible to control. Given its current leadership, our state legislature will not have sufficient political courage to overcome the hand wringing, chicken-little outcries forecasting doom and desperation sure to come. These same cries are currently emanating from the State Superintendent of Education and the high-pitched nasal screeches from Mayor J. Pericles Riley – Rex and Riley, two radical want-to-be, but, mercifully, has-been demigods of limited statewide or higher political potential.

Will more federal debt be required to quench the whetted appetite of every socialist who’s ever dreamed of a nationally funded cornucopia overflowing with new social programs? Will states be treated any differently than national financial institutions and automakers that have become addicted to federal bailouts? Just when will the Obama Administration start telling states what they can teach in their schools? Which county or community will get highway funding and for what pet project? When will the U.S. Treasury Secretary start dictating state retirement policy, medical benefits, and state tax policy?

Once S.C. swallows that tempting federal 6-aught hook dangling before desperate political lips like a fat Lowcountry shrimp, this state will be gut-hooked just like Chrysler and General Motors. Mark Sanford is one of a few current governors that see the real threat that Obama’s sweeping social programs and their federal stimulus funding poses – they are nothing less than opium for the masses.

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