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Shrimp 'n Grits

Times be skimpy fo’ dat mon Swimpy

De hundred deys e’ com ‘n gwan
But dat mon Obama, e’ jus an’t shone
What Swimp Mon need fo’ ta’ fix da City
De funds jus’ an’t. dere ‘n dat’s de pity.

De shops on King be clos’en down,
Cause mos’ da tourist dun’ left de Town.
‘N dem eat’n places on East Bay Street
Be hopes fa’ any folks fa’ to cum ta’ eat.

De crowd be gwan, what’s left be skimpy,
‘N dat really upset de little Swimpy.
‘E bus’ ‘e gut ‘n jus’ keep barkin’,
‘N eben give de shoppers free parkin’.

‘E put ‘e grinny face all over de Post
‘N hopes dat it be helps da mos’.
But folks, dey jus’ don’t seem ta care
‘Bout least of all, ‘e new brown hair.

De sales tax money, it jus’ keep shrinkin’,
‘N City fun’s, dey jus’ keep on sinkin’.
New property tax be hit de mos’
‘Cause ‘e big developers dun’ give up de ghost.

It be tough times fa’ all de folk,
But Swimp Mon, ‘e be de usual joke.
‘E pack ‘e council wit’ all de sleaze
‘N jus’ strut ‘round like Pericles.

Lee Walton

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