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De Swimp Mon Chronicles
De Fiddler Crab

Now dat Fiddler Crab be anudduh Swimp Mon crony
‘N de real sad trute be, she jus’ uh po’ two-trick pony.
She pluck on dat harp ‘n strok’ ‘n dat wa’ta,
But dun sel’ she’own sole tuh dat Mon fuh da quar’ta.

De fus’ tim’ she run fuh dat City Council seat
She ain’t ben lib on any right Jim Island street.
But Swimp Mon ‘e rent ‘er da ‘partment tuh meet
Dat res’dency need ef she jus’ fuh ‘em cheat.

Den de nex’ tim’ she run da mon’y flow like da tide,
F’um dem clap-hat rich folk on dat Swimp Mon own side.
‘E get dat sly Fruit Mon with de lies ‘e ben wrote
‘N steal ‘er dat ‘lection on de third ‘n las’ vote.

Now Fiddler Crab on Council ben wearin’ two hat
Votin’ de symphony dat mon’y f’um wher’ ebbuh it at.
Dis be fill she’own pocket wit’ de taxpayer mon’y
‘N tuh mos’ folk such wheelin’ ben way mo’ dan funny.

But dat Swimp Mon ‘e cover she dealin’ wit’ lies
‘N prase what she doin’ tru’ ‘e own pink colored skys.
Like all udduh crab in ‘e chicken-neck trap,
Dat Swimp Mon don’ worry ‘cus ‘e ain’t tak da rap.

Tuh add insult tuh injury Fiddler Crab now ben pick
Fuh tuh be ‘xecutive director o’ dat CSO click.
Now fuh da symphony funds she be bot’ ax’in ‘n votin’
‘N hab lot mo’ mon’y ‘n she’own pocket fuh tot’in.

Dat Fiddler Crab jus’ be sittin’ whil’ de Swimp Mon do rant,
‘N lik’ all dem bought udduhs ben jus’ da loyal pot-plant.
Lawd save dis po’ city f’um such uh collection o’ phonies
Chaa’stun jus’ can’t abide mo’ Swimp Mon picked cronies.

Lee Walton

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