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County Council, August 6

The shortest of meetings
Requests to apply for grants approved
Warwick Jones

It was the shortest Finance Committee meeting we have ever attended. On the opening of the session, Council member Thurmond moved that all 6 items remaining on the agenda, after the deferral of eminent domain issues relating to right-of-way for road widening, be approved. The items were mostly requests to apply for grants and hardly controversial

Council member Schweers was not so happy to move so fast and asked about the transfer from Vought to Boeing of the financial incentives( Filot-fees in lieu of taxes) given to Boeing and its partners a few years ago by the County. This item was the first on the agenda. The Vought assets related to the Dreamliner assembly in Charleston that have been acquired by Boeing. The latter understandably wished to retain the incentives given to Vought. The Council member was told by staff that such a transfer was proper.

Council member Schweers also asked about the $1.6 million federal grant sought to build a new fire station in Awendaw and would there be an increase in the cost of manning the service in the town? No there would not be, and indeed there may be a modest saving, staff said.

And that was pretty much it. Council approved all the grant requests
- $210,000 for the Solicitors Office to build up staff to combat violence against women
- $176,500 from the EPA to retrofit and replace outdated lighting and includes $10,000 for community light bulb exchanges
- $181,000 from the SC Department of Commerce for training incumbent workers
- $1.6 million from FEMA for a new fire station in Awendaw and renovating an existing one
- $42,000 from the SC Department of Transportation to fund local emergency training for the handling of hazardous materials.

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