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“Somebody’s got to go to jail”
Lee Walton

To quote Agent Sadusky as he sat with Ben Gates near the alter of historic Trinity Church after the latter had just found the Knights Templar Treasure in the blockbuster movie, National Treasure, “Somebody’s got to go to jail.” Similarly, to atone for the nine CFD firefighters whose lives were lost in the tragic Sofa Super Store conflagration over two years ago, somebody’s got to be held accountable!

Thus far, through the combined efforts of every crony, liberal sycophant, emasculated poltroon, and Broad Street pettifogger in the Riley Administration, there has been no justice, no apology, and no public accountability for the gross, willful negligence that precipitated the loss of nine brave firefighters who were abandoned in their greatest moment of need by the very men that had cheated them of the necessary training, equipment, and fire ground leadership that should have saved their lives. Somebody’s got to be held accountable!

For decades Mayor J. Pericles Riley has willfully and knowingly lied to the citizens of Charleston, his own handpicked City Council, the men and women of the Charleston Fire Department, and probably, even himself as he shamelessly and arrogantly boasted that his ISO Class-1 Fire Department was “the best in the Nation” led by the “best fire chief in America.” During the early months following this tragic and wanton loss of life, Riley and his closet of cronies, lied, intimidated, cajoled, and threatened anyone and any agency who would even suggest that he or his hand-picked, uneducated buffoon of a fire chief were anything other than innocent bystanders to an event that no fire department in the nation could have, or would have handled differently. Somebody’s got to be held accountable!

The use of inappropriate booster hoses, insufficient water supply, lack of an on-site command structure, lack of accountability for personnel, out-dated and half-full air packs, sending men into a known death-trap with a steel truss roof system, over confidence to the point of refusing critical equipment and assistance from neighboring fire departments, and raw arrogance bred of ignorance on the highest levels of leadership killed nine men. There’s no other way to view the facts that have come to light following investigation after investigation and finding after finding. Somebody’s got to be held accountable!

In Tony Bartelme’s article in this past Saturday’s Palter and Chatter, “Store lawyers claim city at fault”, (bad or controversial news about Riley or the City of Charleston is always in the Saturday edition – the least read of the week), lawyers representing the Sofa Super Store are seeking to have the City added as a party to the litigation, blaming the City for “all or a major portion of the damage” and also claiming that “…the city was ‘grossly negligent, reckless and/or willful and wanton’ about the safety of its firefighters…” Bravo! Wonderful! Fantastic! At long last, a world-class recognition of where the true fault lies! Somebody’s got to be held accountable!

Shrimp ‘n Grits will take a well-deserved pause for the remainder of August but will return with renewed vigor and gusto following the Labor Day weekend.

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