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De Swimp Mon Chronicles
Da She Crab

Da She Crab on de City Council ben dat Begon’ Evans
Dat ben one ‘o da twelve since dey ben sky in da heavens.
She ben dat Swimp Mon mos’ loyal, loud yamm’a,
‘Cause ‘e save ‘er bad-boy from dat long-time jail-slammer.

Da She Crab also ben ‘o dat same clique religin’,
‘N dat why she ben da Swimp Mon mos’ favorite pigeon.
Frum jus’ can ta jus’ can’t, She Crab folla’ wit’ da scoop
‘N clean up behind Swimp Mon when ‘e let go wit’ da poop.

Now on da Real’state Committee, She Crab ben da big wheel
Dat fo’ Swimp Mon ta cut all ‘e special crony da deal.
‘N when da blame git so’ clos’ af’ta da tragic Sofa Sto’
She Crab cover all dem track fo’ dat spineless Little Joe.

She Crab got no shame ‘n she nebbuh take no blame,
‘Cause she kno’ dat Council ben da Swimp Mom evil game.
Wehebbuh dere ben da right cause fo’ ta rant,
She Crab sit stone-face dey like da indignant pot-plant.

‘Er hair alltime look like fo’ ta need da good groom,
But it stay dat way ‘cause She Crab ben scoot’in on ‘er broom.
She Crab fly all ‘round town like da social Blue Fly,
But if dat tru’th ben kno’ed, she jus’ dat Swimp Mon best spy.

‘O all dem on Council in Swimp Mon chi’ken-nek trap,
She Crab alltime ben Swimp Mon fav’rite crony fa’ ta tap.
Ebbuh time dey ben da need on da Council ta lie,
Da Swimp Mon, cut She Crab e’own sly droopy-eye.

Now once mo’ dis Novemba’, She Crab run again
Wit’ dat money gibben by all Swimp Mon shrewd bunkie friend.
‘Dis ben alltime on Swimp Mon Council da way it fo’ work,
‘Cause She Crab don’ sell ‘er soul ta dat lying Little Jerk.

Lee Walton

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