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The Free Press – Now the Liberal Sup-Press
Lee Walton

Slowly, but surely – thanks to the Internet and talk-radio that continues to give the “silent majority” a voice and means of communication independent of the liberal dominated national media – the truth is coming out about the actual size, collective character, and motivating concerns of more than a million patriotic citizens who gathered in Washington D.C. on Saturday, September 12th. Try as they might to suppress the size and demeanor of this massive, spontaneous gathering, the national left-wing media and the Obama Administration have been unable to suppress the success of this grass-roots movement that has quickly become the lynch-pin creating a distinct tipping point in this nation’s fundamental political awareness.

In their combined efforts to suppress the broad-based patriotic spirit and political concerns of the masses that attended the September 12th demonstration in our nation’s Capital, the so-called Free Press and Obama Administration have demonstrated levels of hypocrisy and disingenuousness unheralded in modern political journalism. Despite concerted efforts to marginalize and trivialize this nation’s newest awakening giant, the new Not-So-Silent Majority is now all to painfully apparent to the Obama Administration, liberal national media, and all of Congress. There is now a rapidly increasing percentage of average citizens who, for the first time in their lives, are fearful of the rampant disregard for and erosion of their Constitutional rights. Increasingly, they now question the endless quasi-legal executive actions being implemented by the Obama Administration with the willing support of the liberal media and liberal, left wing members of Congress. Many more now openly assert that the core principals, beliefs, and constitutional freedoms upon which this nation was founded have been in no greater jeopardy for a century.

The diverse composition of those who came from throughout this nation to attend the September 12th rally demonstrated that the common binding concerns shared by these citizens were the conservation and preservation of the fundamental constitutional freedoms and political framework underpinning this nation’s greatness. Much to the chagrin of those who now attempt to paint all rally attendees and their supporters nation-wide with the common brush of racism, the new Not-So-Silent Majority is demanding that their collective voices be heard from tiny village city halls to Capitol Hill. Members of Congress now openly tremble and repel from the thought of having to face their newly awakened constituents, many as first-time voters, in the up-coming 2010 election cycle, and so they justly should.

To now carelessly sling charges of racism like a back-woods, small-town southern Georgia politician slings mud, is unbecoming and trite, even for the most liberal of the media and Congress, not to mention a former President, arguably the worse in modern times, who was irreverent even while in office. The citizenry of this nation can trace its collective linage from many creeds, cultures, ethnicities, and races that have contributed to the melting pot creating a people now known worldwide simply as Americans. Why shouldn’t citizens of this nation have the right to question those they elected to govern with out fear of ridicule and being labeled radicals, racists, fundamentalist, hate groups, and even terrorist? Is the Liberal media, Obama Administration, and socialist leaning left wing of Congress so intimidated by honest political spontaneity that they have to result to intimidation, name-calling, and labeling?

The sleeping giant feared most by those who now threaten our constitutional republic is beginning to awaken, stir, and flex its political muscles. The greatness of this nation is most evident in times of extreme threat to its existence, both externally and internally. Those who have now chosen to challenge this hidden greatness and the collective will of this nation’s silent majority will do so at their extreme political peril.

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