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De Swimp Mon Chronicles
Da Sno’ Crab

Now da Sno” Crab, ‘e ben dat Not-So Lilly White,
Cause Swimp Mon pick’um fuh be in dat future mayor fight.
‘E ben bawn ‘n bred fuh tuh make da big sho’
Dat be da one now tap tuh folluh Little Joe.

Fruit Mon mov’um tuh dat Daniel Isle place
Fuh dem ‘cum here folk tuh sho’ ‘e sly face.
‘E Uncle Bill ben quit dat City pettifogger job
So Sno’ Crab can join da Swimp Mon council mob.

Dey say ‘e ben handle dat big loan money sharp,
But dat bank ‘e ben wit’, ben bail out by da TARP.
If Sno’ Crab ben such da big bucks tycoon,
Den why’fuh ‘e ben dat Swimp Mon baffon?

Wit’ dat clique Irish Moffia dat de Swimp Mon ben boss,
Dat bought-by-duh pound Sno’ Crab will nebbuh suffa’ da loss.
Dis ben da prime task o’ dat Fruit Mon closet crony,
Dat call in pass debts, ‘n fuh da Sno’ Crab raise money.

Dey groom’um lik’ dat prize racin’ hoss
Ta one day be da new City Council Boss.
But da truth ben known, ‘e light on da knowledge,
Cause ‘e ain’t don’ so good in eeduh o’ dem Chaa’stun College.

Dis be okay fuh dat Swimp Mon cagey plan
Tuh use’um like ‘e own handpick puppet mon.
Dey’ll cum dat time when da Swimp Mon will go,
But eb’n den, da Holy City still be run by Little Joe.

Dat dynasty, fuh Swimp Mon will jus’ keep on’uh chuggin’
Wit’ all dem crony deals, ‘n da foes day keep muggin’.
Swimp Mon still ben smoozin’, ‘n Pierre printin’ tuh please,
Cause Swimp Mon fuh rule like dat Emperor Pericles.

De money dey all frum da taxpayer ben tot’en
Keep all dem blind folk fuh dat Sno’ Crab tuh votin’.
Da Swimp Mon frum behind dat curtin, will da levers be pullin’
But, Laud we jus’ thankful it ain’t be dat croney name Mullin.

Lee Walton

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