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Begone Evans - Be Gone!

Da She Crab who’ben dat Begone Evans
Don’ hab no luck w’en she chunk fo’ duh sevens.
Fo’ near twenty –fo’ year she ben da Council phony
Dat ben fo’ dat Swimp Mon ‘e mos’ loyal long-time crony.

But dis time ‘round, dey ben da strange notion
Dat She Crab ben tired, ‘n jus’ gwine t’ru da motion.
Den odduh folk say she ben on dat Council too long,
‘N get way too use ta dat Swimp Mon same song.

Wuh ebbuh de cause She Crab los’ dis las’ race,
It ben way pas’ de time dat she ben replace.
Fo’ six Council terms, she ben nebbuh vote naught.
‘N, fuh sutt’n, jis’ ben de Swimp Mon bes’ flower pot.

But She Crab gwine ben like dat burnt Phoenix bird,
‘Cause Swimp Mon, ‘e need ‘er tuh lead ‘e sly herd.
‘E gwine git ‘er da slot on dat Plannin’ Commission,
Den She Crab dey vote like Swimp Mon ben wishin’.

De smaa’t folk kin see de trick dat’s ah commin’,
‘Cause Swimp Mon, need She Crab tuh keep fuh ‘em drummin’
Jus’ ‘cause she off Council, don’ mean she ben out,
Wid’ Swimp Mon behind ‘er, she still hab sum clout.

Chaa’stun still ben dat same clique govern city,
Dat pol’o’tic n’ power still rule wid’out pity.
‘N den dey’s dat Fruit Mon fuh Swimp Mon still sneekin’
Tuh find what dat new bro nam’ Mike really Seekin’.

Lee Walton

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