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Thankful to be…

…a native son of the United States of America with its Constitution and Bill of Rights that allows and encourages those who are governed to hold those entrusted with the powers of government accountable for their actions.

…born of modest origins and nurtured by parents - themselves children of the Great Depression – whose dreams and lives were tempered by the harsh realities of world war, while having the courage and commitment to raise their children in a loving, Christian home.

…able to benefit from an excellent public education offered as an opportunity and challenge to succeed, not as promises of unearned largess or guarantees to entitlements.

…able to work hard to provide a safe, secure Christian home for my spouse, our children, and myself.

…a veteran who was afforded an opportunity to defend the greatness of this nation that willingly gives its sons and daughters in defense of freedom throughout the world, asking only sufficient foreign soil within which to rest its fallen.

…able to enjoy the unique beauty and wonder of the natural environment and diverse cultural richness found only in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

…able to sense and feel all of humanity’s emotions that make life so richly rewarding, yet totally dependent upon interrelationships with others willing to share the experience.

…able to share a chance smile or simple social courtesy with a stranger and experience a special inner warmth for having initiated the exchange.

…the benefactor from countless generations of hardy ancestors, who suffered, but survived the plagues and pestilences of millenniums past for the benefit of my children’s children.

…born in a century that offers the benefits of modern medical science to ease the pain, suffering, and infirmity of old age.

…able to look into the eyes of my grandchildren and know with absolute certainty that a part of me will live throughout eternity.

…a Charlestonian.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Lee Walton

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