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Brown to Obama – It’s the Center Stupid!
Lee Walton

Only one week later, it’s still amazing how one single event in the ultra-liberal Bay State could change national political momentum literally over night. With the Lion of the Senate not even cold in the ground, a center-left conservative, running on a more independent than Republican platform, came out of virtually nowhere to trounce the Democratic Party’s chosen candidate and win the most pivotal U.S. Senate race in arguably a century. Within 24 hours, Scott Brown’s stunning upset stopped the U. S. Senate, House of Representatives, and Obama Administration cold in their tracks and instantly reversed a seemingly inevitable slide into national socialism.

As pundits and pollsters were quick to realize, in wasn’t the messenger, but the message that emerged as the political tipping-point. The long-too-silent, independent middle of the political pendulum’s arc had acted decisively and spoken with a vengeance – the voters of Massachusetts and by extension, this country, wanted no more of a ultra-left wing socialistic national government than an ultra-right wing conservative government they helped to defeat just a year ago. Their message was clear and unambiguous – the majority of this country wants to be governed from the political middle by a bipartisan congress and a mindful president capable of compromise and consensus building to solve this nation’s pressing economic problems while also keeping us safe from the threat of global terrorism.

Hardly a day passes without another liberal member of congress announcing their intended retirement. Many swallowed the Obama Administration’s Kool-Aid, turned their backs on their constituents, and blindly supported the Senate or House versions of health care legislation bills. They now find themselves having to explain their recent actions to a highly motivated, suddenly awakened independent middle America. Both national political parties have now lost the support of the middle, resulting in a nation-wide grass-roots movement to restore balance and reason within government on all levels. The political middle is now sending a crystal clear message to the President and Congress – quit the ridiculous political fighting from both extremes and govern from the political center. Very quickly, before this November, the President and Congress must demonstrate that they can adjust and govern from the center; if not, as the Massachusetts Senate race clearly signaled, their very political futures will be in extreme peril.

Following less-than-stellar first years in office, both Regan and Clinton were able to move to the political center, albeit from opposite directions, and go on to subsequently have very successful, productive presidencies. Both knew they had to either move to and govern from the political center or become powerless cripples for the remainder of their tenures. Only President Obama knows if he can also save his presidency and govern successfully from the center with the bipartisan support of Congress. History’s lesson and the angry cry form Massachusetts are clear – It’s the Center Stupid!

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