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Rawl’s got fleas!
Lee Walton

From comments contained in Robert Behre’s Palter and Chatter article this past Sunday, local wana-be U.S. Senator Victor Rawl didn’t waste any time showing his true dark-blue colors and hard-core liberal political affiliations by his first public attacks demeaning Senator Jim DeMint and in his choice of political consultants. From the sound of it, Rawl’s strategy for his upcoming campaign is to skip right over the mud slinging and jump right in with a pack of Washington Belt-way Democratic Party Blood Hounds. He ought to know by now that when you lay down with dogs, you get fleas.

Rawl’s choice of consultants, TeamBlue Politics, Inc., a Washington-based political consulting firm, speaks volumes about the kind of campaign tactics Rawl intends to use to woo would-be South Carolina support. With a few key name substitutions in a recent release from his consultant, it’s easy enough to write the Rawl campaign’s first press release and save Victor a few bucks from his not-so-hard-earned inheritance.

“It is already clear that Jim DeMint is running scared this time, because he faces a formidable opponent who will be well-funded and articulate. His political people are trying hard already to get Susan Gaddy out of the race, so he can get a free pass. These efforts will include using the press to plant embarrassing and misleading stories.

It is important for us to remember, and to remind others, that this is politics-as-usual for Republicans in general and Jim DeMint in particular, a so-called "nice guy" who nevertheless doesn't vote "nice" and is surrounded by some pretty nasty political advisors.
We have to be prepared to defend against these tactics whenever and however they occur. All of you have significant "spheres of influence," both in and out of politics. We ask that you take every opportunity to remind them of the following:

DeMint is scared; He will do anything, say anything to win re-election. He may be a "nice guy," but his people are nasty political hacks. He may be a "nice guy," but his votes on the war, on health care, on the environment and almost ever other issue are straight down the line with McConnell. The national Republican Party has already promised DeMint millions in extra help with his race; we need to make sure our side has the financial resources to fight back.”

In case you’re wondering, but for the name substitutions in italics and a few unrelated deletions, this was a published hatchet-job hotshot Walter Ludwig, a principal in TeamBlue, recently did on U. S. House Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA).

Nonetheless, Rawl’s statement in Sunday’s article, “It’s easy just to say ‘No.’ Ask any two year old”, speaks volumes about his upbringing. Apparently “No” wasn’t used much in the Rawl household when Victor was a toddler. He still wants every political office in the candy store – even before the wrapper is barely off the one he’s chewing on now.

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