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Why support the Tea Party?

Lee Walton

As a child whose parents were of the Greatest Generation, Iím probably a typical Baby Boomer having matured during the turbulent and dynamic decades of the 1960ís and 1970ís. Like many young people of that era, I served in the military and witnessed, first-hand, the political and ideological conflicts precipitated by the Viet Nam War. These same socially dominant, post-Christian era ďismsĒ continue to guide our nation down the slippery path toward European-style socialism at best, or, at worse, ultimate destruction as a representative republic. Like many of my generation, I am deeply concerned about the current path that our national government, guided by the current Obama Administration, seems dedicated to follow, regardless of the consequences or growing opposition now fermenting throughout America.

I blame the U.S. Congress and the Obama Administration where those running for office can buy supportersí votes by promising universal largess at the expense of those paying taxes. Those who voted for them were too lazy, too ignorant or too party-conscious to find out for themselves what was right or wrong about candidates running for political office. I also blame those who sit on the sidelines and care not to educate themselves on the facts about candidates and choose not to vote out the self-serving career politicians interested only in their reelection. I also blame those who donít want to get involved in the nasty, gritty business of politics, but stand stoically by as they themselves continue to lose the core values they once held.

Obama and his liberal congressional followers are squandering billions of borrowed dollars, payable by our grandchildren, on senseless, nonproductive, make-work projects that create few, if any, permanent private-sector, tax paying jobs. Countless millions throughout this nation are now being given excuses and extended unemployment benefits not to work as productive members of society. Many are illegal aliens; others have found ways to play the welfare system for free housing, food and medical care. Collectively, many who could work choose not to because unemployment benefits are higher than honest, albeit near minimum wage, job opportunities. Likewise, Obamaís health care system promises to become so corrupted and expensive that retired seniors will likely get less care than illegal aliens or the recipients of welfare and Medicaid.

The political quagmire this nation now faces can be remedied only by getting rid of those entrenched in national, state, and local governments who are propagating the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As long as the illegal, lazy, drug pushers and pathologically uneducated are given top priority for the taxpayerís money, this nation will continue its relentless slide toward socialism which began five decades ago.

Thatís why I support the Tea Party movement. It may very well be the last hope to save the representative republic that the founding fathers envisioned.

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