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Victor is Greene – one with envy, the other with astonishment!

Lee Walton

Once in a while, the stars align just right and poetic justice is served to those deserving a lesson in humility - swiftly as a cold, bitter banquet of consequences. Such was the case in the recent Democratic Party Primary Election for the U.S. Senate race in November. Literally out of nowhere, Alvin Greene, an absolute unknown rural African American veteran with no prior political experience, no campaign organization, no funding and apparently no effort, trounced the Democratic Party’s hand-picked favorite son by over 30,000 votes in a astonishing defeat that left Victor Rawl and the state Democratic Party covered in Jack-Ass excrement from the Greenville foot hills to the Lowcountry.

Rawl got exactly what he paid for from his high profile, high-priced, inside the Belt Way Washington ultra-liberal political campaign consultant. He got his butt kicked and his publicly tarred-and-feathered ego handed to him on a highly tarnished silver platter. The Rawl – Greene Election has surely earned top billing in the annals of political trickery as what can happen when a candidate and his campaign consultant get too cute for their own good and literally out-snooker themselves. Rawl desperately needed statewide political exposure to stand any chance of knocking off highly popular Republican Senator Jim DeMint this fall. A statewide primary campaign opportunity was essential strategy in the Ludwig-Rawl playbook. There also had to be at least one other name on the primary ballot and that’s where the mystery of Alvin Greene begins.

What benefit would there be in the Republican Party putting up Greene as a stalking horse to run against Rawl? That would be just giving Rawl what he needed to launch a statewide campaign to throw his name and face out before all potential voters, regardless of party affiliation in hopes that he could gain some political traction before the general election. Rawl needed an opponent, even if one totally unknown, to justify his primary campaign strategy. The only problem was that the unknown stalking hourse wasn’t suppose to win, but Alvin Greene astonished everyone and did just that. Was it that his name was first on the ballot? Was Greene with an “e” or “Alvin”, a name more common for African American males, coded clues that the unknown opponent was African American? Or, what is more likely the case; did Victor Rawl’s arrogant, liberal political and judicial reputation precede him into the rest of the state beyond the Lowcountry?

Mercifully, the closing lines of this embarrassing, nation-wide political drama, ended with Rawl’s hoped for reputation as a political giant-killer buried in political intrigue and mischief of his own making.

Now I’ve just got to come up with an extra $10,400 to make that check good!

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