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County Council, September 2

Land fill development issue dead, at least for 12 months
FILOT scheme to encourage investment by SPAWAR vendors

Warwick Jones

We expected a large turnout at Thursday’s meeting of the Planning and Public Works Committee (P&PW) meeting. The owner of a 313 acre parcel on Savannah Highway in the south west of the County was seeking an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to allow the tract to be used for waste disposal. There was a lot of opposition to the proposal. The site is presently classed Conservation Management for future land use and is in the Ace Basin area.

The Planning Commission early last year rejected a Planned Unit Development that would have allowed the site to be used as a construction waste dump. After further public hearings and postponements, the owner subsequently sought to amend the County’s Comprehensive Plan relating to future land use that would have facilitated permission for a land fill.

It was an anticlimax. The owned withdrew the application just before Thurday's meeting and according to discussion on Committee, a withdrawal equated to a rejection by the P& PW Committee. The owner will not be allowed to bring the issue before Council again for 12 months.

No explanation was given for the withdrawal at the meeting. We can only assume that the owner assessed his chances of approval as slight or less. Council Chairman Pryor supported the application previously stating that the County could not continue to use a dump in North Charleston. Others thought other wise, it seems.

In the meeting that followed that of the P&PW Committee, the Finance Committee approved;
• A Fee in Lieu of Taxes (FILOT) agreement with Remount Venture LLC to assist in development of an industrial property adjacent to Space and Air Warfare Systems (SPAWAR) in North Charleston on Remount Road. Staff noted the success of the developer in attracting companies to the site and that negotiations were under way to attract two other companies, potential vendors to SPAWAR, prepared to make investments totaling $35 million. The Committee agreed to fix millage rates at the present level or 20 years and the benefit accruing to not exceed $3 million. There were also other conditions.

• The new jail be named the J. Al Cannon Jr Detention Center

• Council Chambers be named the Beverly T. Craven Council Chambers

• The County Election Headquarters be named the John L. Chisolm Election Headquarters

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